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7 Best Reasons Why You Should Never be Counting Cards

7 Reasons Why You Should Never be Counting Cards

Many players turn to counting cards to get an advantage over the casino. This time-honored method is keeping track of the cards dealt mentally so that you are aware of the cards that haven’t been dealt.

Card counting is not technically unlawful, despite what many people think. On the other hand, casinos strongly disapprove of it and promptly kick out any player they suspect of engaging in it.

Many blackjack players believe card counting is a terrific technique to cheat the house, but we’ve chosen to take a different take here.

Going against the tide and extolling the virtues of card counting, we’ll examine why you shouldn’t bother counting cards the next time you’re at the blackjack table.

7 Reasons why You should avoid counting cards:

Here are the seven reasons why you should avoid counting cards at the casino table:

Hard to Learn:

Learn about the many rule variations first (things like “double after split,” “late surrender,” and so on). Then, you must study the fundamental rules of the game(s) you intend to play. Understanding 250 distinct playing decisions is a basic strategy.

The next step is to master counting cards or card counting strategies, such as hi-lo. Learn how to keep a running count and divide by fractions to get the true count to master card counting.

You must memorize at least 18 playing indices, which are numbers that indicate when to modify your approach. The amount you should bet depends on your bankroll, risk tolerance, and the count.

Might be Boring:

The majority of individuals go to casinos primarily to have fun.

You’ll discover that to count cards isn’t actually all that fascinating of a procedure.

Simply put, you’ll sit at the table for hours trying to figure out how the deck favors you.

Since you’ll be preoccupied with counting cards, you won’t be able to converse with people or take pleasure in the moments the casino offers you.

Hard to Find a Game:

Casinos are aware that card counters will attempt to rig their games. Casinos are also aware that their goal is to turn a profit. For these reasons, you’ll probably discover that the majority of games have poor regulations (like “blackjack pays 6-5” or “dealer hits on soft 17”). Additionally, they might place the cut card 1.5 or even 2 decks from the end of the shoe, rendering counting all but useless.

Back-counting the shoe is impossible because of regulations like “no mid-shoe entry” (enter the shoe when the count gets high). You will probably spend far more time seeking good games than playing fantastic casino games.

Hard to Count cards in a casino:

Hard to Count cards in a casino

You’ll need to try it out in a casino once you’ve mastered counting and found a respectable game. First, dealing with all the interruptions you’ll experience at the table is necessary. These include the dealer and pit boss chatting with you, the background music being too loud, the smoke from cigarettes and cigars, other players being upset with you, and a lot more.

The remainder of the shoe will be useless to you after you miscount. The main obstacle, though, is that you won’t be able to play for very long after all your hard efforts. You will need to leave the casino as soon as staff members think you are a counter.

Very Less Profit:

Most gamers gain money slowly since card counting only gives you a modest advantage over the casino. You might be fortunate and win a few thousand dollars one night, but there’s a good possibility you’ll go to the tables the following night and lose money.

A lot of cash is needed:

Contrary to popular belief, counting cards does not always result in financial success.

Knowing that counting cards are a long-term game is crucial because, if you don’t prepare for it, you can find yourself out of money before you reach your objective.

The Bank Roll swings can be brutal:

You will frequently hear tales of losing streaks that stretch hundreds of hours of play and frequent message boards where expert card counters discuss their experiences over months or years.

For instance, if you play the H17 game indicated above for 500 hours, around one out of every six counters will lose by pure chance. Card counts frequently mention playing tens of thousands of hands to feel pretty convinced they are ahead of the game.

Large losses have an effect on a person’s finances and mental health. Few novice counters are aware of how awful it may become. Simply put, card counting is not a way to make money.

Is Card counting legal?

Is Card counting legal

The act of counting cards is legal. This indicates that people do it casually, believing the worst that may happen is a reprimand. That is not the situation.

You’ll be kicked out immediately if you’re spotted counting cards at a casino. Additionally, you won’t be able to use a cashier to exchange your chips, leaving you poor and embarrassed.

What’s more, you might like the casino you’re ejected from. The security staff won’t care, though, as you’ll be banned and never able to return to the game.


Counting cards is a difficult skill to learn. Card counting is not very profitable even when everything goes well, and the swings can be extremely harsh. Any casino will have a time limit on how long you can play before getting caught. Prepare yourself for a tonne of traveling and scouting.

Your playing options will be restricted after you are unavoidably caught, and your photograph will be made public.

When it comes to the many strategies for beating casino games, card counting is last. There are considerably faster and simpler methods than card counting to play with an advantage at a casino.

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We hope you understand why you should avoid counting cards. Now go out there and play skillfully and earn money.

Happy Gambling!!


Why counting cards is forbidden?

Counting cards is a legitimate activity. No federal or state legislation defines card counters as violators of the law. You cannot be arrested for card counting at a casino, and police officers cannot find you guilty of any offenses.

Does card counting work?

The basic solution is that card counting is a time waste. Does this imply that card counting is completely ineffective? No. It can give you a 0.05 to 1% advantage over the house.

Is counting cards against the law?

As long as players don’t use any external card-counting devices or anyone who assists them in counting cards, card counting is NOT prohibited under federal, state, or local laws in the United States.

Why do casinos hate card counters?

Although casinos dislike card counters because they exploit the system, they are powerless to stop them from playing blackjack or running the establishment altogether.